Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Stay Vigilant

Welcome to The Vigilant; the last free paper in the last human city on Earth.

For the time being, I'm operating out of The Dreamtime. It's a jazz bar run by the Director of Public Works, Alexander Kane. He was good enough to set me up with this encrypted connection and let me have run of the basement. So if you're a good little Corp drone appalled by the horrible "misinformation" you think I'm feeding you, go ahead and bug out. I'd recommend wiping yourself before a Sanitation Squad does it for you.

As for me, I'll sit here. And smoke. And write. And smoke some more. Every story I post comes direct from the people that lived it. A few send me their stories religiously, like I'm their journal. That way, if they do die, someone will remember them. And some I never hear from again.

As you're reading these, you just remember that someone lived it, someone in this godforsaken city survived to tell the story. At least for a little while.

Welcome to Chrysalis Falls, the last human city on Earth. Enjoy your stay.

Stay Vigilant,
Bryan Swan

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