Wither The Vain

Since the beginning of time, people have said the end is nigh. Never has it been more true than right now in Chrysalis Falls. The last humans fight for their lives... against the children of the earth and against each other.

Eli J. Barrabas knows better. He's been living the end of days for most of his. Nothing dies, only changes. And times are certainly changing, he can feel it in fingers.

But don't worry, he's taken care of things like this before.

And you're only vain if you can't back it up.

Wherever The Wind Blows

Part 1: Change
Part 2: Cry Murder
Part 3: Exchanges

Wicker Man

Part 1: The Bastille
Part 2: Wooden Head


Part 1: White Space
Part 2: Lead Poisoning
Part 3: Pride

Spare Change

Part 1: Catechism
Part 2: White Christmas
Part 3: Art Appreciation
Part 4: The Arts

Q and A

Q and A

Feast of the Dead

Part 1: Invitations To The Ball
Part 2: Dance Partners
Part 3: Intermezzo
Part 4: Last Song of the Night

Scavenger Hunt

Part 1: One Broken Mirror
Part 2: Three Candy Kisses
Part 3: Five Sharpened Pencils
Part 4: Something Green and Something Fat
Part 5: One Fileted Fish
Part 6: Seventeen Dragon Scales
Part 7: Ten Sticky Fingers
Part 8: Time's Up

Lost Cities

Part 1: Mu
Part 2: Atlantis
Part 3: Akakor
Part 4: Brigadoon

The Tower

Part 1: Foundation of Blood 
Part 2: Stationary, Eyewear, and Scaly Thing, Going Up

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