The Pallbearer

Chrysalis Falls is a dying city. Neil Anderson has seen that firsthand. From the Second Salvo, to The Judges, to The Sleepers... Every day, Chrysalis Falls edges closer to the grave.

With his colossal Brute combat suit and his equally large rifle, St. George, Neil is on a mission.

There are those who are late to the grave still wandering the city. But have no fear...

The Pallbearer's here to make sure that they have a proper burial.

Ready or not.

Funeral Music

Part 1: An Open Grave
Part 2: A True Showman
Part 3: Life Is Blitz
Part 4: Showstopper

Where The Dead Belong

Part 1: The Day After
Part 2: The Angels
Part 3: Insubordination

Sittin' Up With The Dead

Part 1: Tuck Me In
Part 2: Roll Call

A Hundred Tiny Hands

Part 1: Mouth
Part 2: Cook-Out
Part 3: The Depths


Part 1: The Harvesters 
Part 2: Threshing
Part 3: Wants and Needs
Part 3.5: Sheba
Part 4: False Idols
Part 4.5: Pruning
Part 5: Grand Guignol
Part 6: Holiday Greetings From Point Heston

Fevers In Berlin

Part 1: Turn That Frown Upside Down 
Part 2: Dragon Slayer
Part 3: Cause
Part 4: Declaration Of Intent
Part 5: Perpetual Motion

Bad Blood

Part 1: Emergence
Part 2: On The Rise
Part 3: Retelling
Part 4: Swallowed Whole


Part 1: Casualties
Part 2: Outnumbered
Part 3: Conscripts
Part 4: Fishing With Dynamite
Part 5: One Man Army
Part 6: Coalition Forces

Wedding Dirge

Honeymoon Blues

Part 1: Forté
Part 2: Tunnel of Love
Part 3: Reverent
Part 4: Rising

The Barter System

Part 1: Incubii
Part 2: Mercy Killing

The Pallbearer Collection 1: Rate of Decay

Collecting issues #1-#23, Rate of Decay follows Neil's journey from the first disaster at the walls of Gravesite to his search for a cure to the Berlin Flu.

Available in paperback and Kindle e-book.

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