The Boy Named Nod

Michael Tarcynski isn't your average ten-year old. Most ten-year olds can't manipulate their dreams... or your nightmares. Most ten-year olds aren't mercenaries. Most ten-year olds aren't related to cultists.

That's why Michael Tarcynski prefers the name Nod.

After all, how many ten-year olds do you know named Nod?

The Paper Route

Part 1: The Interview
Part 2: Stiff Drink
Part 3: Playtime With The Twins
Part 4: I Spy


Part 1: Bus Fare
Part 2: Goin' Fishing
Part 3: Discerning Tastes
Part 4: Deliverance
Part 5: Retribution


Part 1: Between The Lines
Part 2: Elevator Music
Part 3: Family Reunion
Part 4: Resemblances
Part 5: Tomorrows



The Doctor's Office

Part 1: Check-Up 
Part 2: Down In The Lab
Part 3: On The Slab
Part 4: Dissection

Lords of the Pulpit

Part 1: Sunday Driving
Part 2: Blood On The Altar
Part 3: Communion
Part 4: Prodigal
Part 5: The Return


Part 1: Target Practice
Part 2: Cardboard Communities
Part 3: Running of the Ooze
Part 4: Meeting Yourself
Part 5: Full Circle

Seas of Blood and Fire

Part 1: Salt Dreams
Part 2: Drop Anchor
Part 3: Rum
Part 4: Booty 

Milk Carton

Part 1: Bloodhounds
Part 2: Hijackers

The Boy Named Nod Collection 1: Sons of Adam

Collecting issues #1-#25, Sons of Adam follows Nod and his companions from their face-off with Jefferson Blank until their ultimate confrontation with Nod's father, Adam 2.0.

Available in paperback and Kindle e-book.

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