At the edge of Chrysalis Falls are the massive docks and beaches that once were one of the city's greatest assets.
Now they're overrun with the amphibious Judges who have come to see that every citizen of Chrysalis Falls receives their just punishment... for surviving the Second Salvo.
However. there is talk of a mute terrorist roaming the back alleys and sewers. People say he must be suicidal, to fight the Judges the way he does.
They have no idea how right they are.
They call him Rascal Jack.
If you can pry a word outta him, you'll find out he's merely... Speechless.

Sound, Mind, and Body

Part 1: Aquarium
Part 2: Plastic Seaweed
Part 3: Filter
Part 4: Shipwreck
Part 5: Shattered Glass and Flopping Fish

The Way

Part 1: The Price Of Honor
Part 2: The Price Of Inner Peace
Part 3: The Price Of Justice
Part 4: The Price Of Redemption

Aiming High

Part 1: Redirection
Part 2: Sighting
Part 3: Sharpening
Part 4: Ideals

Hunting Party

Part 1: Pursuit
Part 2: In A Blind
Part 3: Eye Sore
Part 4: Eye For An Eye
Part 5: Divergence

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