Morgan Chadwick has never gotten any respect.
None from his parents.
None from his classmates.
And now, none from the cops he works with every day. His captain dumps the nastiest assignments on Morgan; half because he's the only one with broad enough shoulders to handle them; half because he's hoping Morgan'll die on one.
The only person that gives Morgan his due is his dead wife Amy. Hell, she's one of the only ones who'll call him by his name.
To everybody else, he's Rue Morgan: Detective in Precinct 772.

Snow Ghosts

Part 1: Snow Drifts
Part 2: Pieces
Part 3: Blood and Iron

Rats In The Cellar

Part 1: It Comes With The Job 
Part 2: Exhibit A
Part 3: Leading The Witness
Part 4: Sentencing

The Shattering

Part 1: Snapped 
Part 2: Fragile
Part 3: Beatification
Part 4: Twisted
Part 5: Splintered
Part 6: Walking Cast


Dead Heat 

Part 1: Dead Man Knocking
Part 2: Speaking For The Dead
Part 3: Dead End


Part 1: Land of the Dea
Part 2: Lookin' Up From Six Feet Down
Part 3: Dead Tired
Part 4: An Undertaker's Task

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